Springtime may be a little chilly but it reminds you of sunshine and outdoors. The best spring beers include dry beers, Saisons, fresh hops, bocks and pine.



Beaches, warm weather and long days are synonyms to summer. This is a season to have light beers like fruit beer, wheat beer, pale and hoppy and classic pilsner.



Autumn is where things start to cool down and this is the time for thanksgiving and seasonal flavours. Pumpkin, maple, amber, Belgian and Oktoberfest are some types of beers that we can look forward into.



Winter Beers tend to be heavy and dark and are the best when you want to get into the holiday spirit. Some of the best winter beers include stouts and porters, imperial, chocolate and coffee, Bourbon and Eggnog.

Indian Pale Ales

The fastest growing subcategory of Ales are Indian Pale Ales. Indian Pale Ales or IPA’s originated as long sea voyages were making it hard to keep beer fresh for long periods of time so hops act as a preservative for the long trips. The tread of the past decade has been these very hop heavy beers in all different styles. In America the growing styles are the East Coast IPA’s which have only started very recently and are very focused on complexity not just the bitterness of the hops but focus also on the Malt for a well rounded smooth experience. An offshoot of the East Coast IPA’s are Hazy IPA’s which focus on the fruit flavorings and are very cloudy (hazy) in nature oftentimes this style is referred to as a New England IPA. West Coast IPA’s are very bitter as more Hops are used which creates a different profile than East Coast IPA’s this very bitter forward tasting beer almost drowning out the Malt flavors but West Coast beers are extremely popular and have their formulas down to a science as example Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and Stone brewery are some of the largest most exciting producers of this very popular style and continue to thrive in the ever expanding world of IPA’s.

Beer Companies

Lagers are much easier to mass produce and they have become the American most stable staple of beer drinking for the last century. The largest beer companies in the world such as Budwieser, Coors, Heineken and Miller all have used this style to their advantage to become the powerhouse giants of the beer industry. The Industry will never see these businesses dwindle but the new up and coming star of the last couple of years are not necessarily beers but the low carb healthy option of spiked seltzers and spritzers, these carbonated alcohol infused drinks have taken the industry by storm reaching vast demographic from coast to coast. These easy drinking tasteful refreshing beverages serve as the best alternative to the carb heavy beers we have all grown to know and love.

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